This course teaches you the basics and formula to teach a SOCACIZE class.  You will learn the history of Caribbean Music and how to combine your music with basic steps of 4 Caribbean dance styles:  Chutney, Soca, Reggae, and Calypso. Prerequisite: None. 

What is a SOCACIZE Instructor?
A SOCACIZE instructor is someone who is 18 years or older, is passionate and motivated to teach tness classes that are dynamic and fun. SOCACIZE instructors must carefully create movements
and select music that consist of Caribbean origin/flavour e.g: soca, chutney, reggae, zouk and drum beats. The instructor also keeps credentials and expertise current.

How do I become a SOCACIZE Instructor?

You must attend the SOCACIZE Instructor Training Workshop and complete a practical group exam. Successful applicants will receive a certificate of completion.

Applications and training schedule can be retrieved online at

Are there any prerequisites?

There are no prerequisites, however, if you have experience in conducting or have been attending
fitness or dance classes this is always an asset.

What can I expect to learn at the Workshop?
During the 1-day workshop you will review:

Theory & Practical Training
Complete 8 hours of training, which includes:

  1. About Socacize
  2. Socacize Formula
  3. Becoming a SOCACIZE instructor
  4. Socacize jam sessions
  5. Caribbean Dance Styles: The history of Calypso, Chutney, SOCA, Reggae For the practical exam, participants will be expected to conduct a SOCACIZE class demonstration.
How long is a SOCACIZE Certificate valid for?
A SOCACIZE certificate is valid for one year. All SOCACIZE Instructors are required to keep abreast in their skills. You can then renew your certificate or enroll in our Lincensee Program

Does my certification guarantee me a job in the fitness/ dance industry?

As any certification program, you’ll now have the credential to market yourself and structure your career in Socacize. Because SOCACIZE is a NEW Exhilarating Caribbean Work out and there are
not many SOCACIZE instructors available, there is a high demand for instructors.

How and where can I apply for a job teaching Socacize?
Once you have proof of your Socacize Certification, you can apply for a job in any fitness facility you choose - gyms, corporate facilities, studios, recreation centers, etc. You would operate as an
independent contractor (set up your own schedule, rates, terms, agreements, etc. with the facilities you choose).

Copyright - Are instructors allowed to use the registered trademark “Socacize™, logos etc. Use of the socacize trademarked name or logo must be approved by the SOCACIZE Fitness organization. Anyone who teaches SOCACIZE classes or uses SOCACIZE materials without having a current Certificate of Completion is in violation of trademark and copyright laws and SOCACIZE will take all necessary actions to protect its rights.

Can an Instructor enroll in the Licensee Program?

YES. The SOCACIZE Licensee Program is an inclusive system that provides members with choreography, music, professional marketing materials, advice to ensure efficient business services, a Licensee Newsletter and a network of instructors to help you get started and make your business a success. Joining this program is highly recommended.

What is a Socacize Licensee?
A SOCACIZE Licensee is a highly passionate, Certified Fitness Instructor or business partner who is responsible for engineering the business of Socacize nationally and internationally.

By supporting health and fitness activities you will inform and inspire people to embrace fitness as a career and a healthy lifestyle.

What are the Benefits in Becoming A Licensensed Member?
We save you “time and money” - focus on your participants’ need and create that fun, professional and dynamic class. We take care of most of the administration and provide an opportunity for you to
network and connect with a creative and professional team. Here are some of the services we provide:

  • Mentorship
  • Marketing & Promotional materials - brochures, media kits, business cards, newsletters, videos, T shirts, online profile, personal page where you can updates classes on a well reviewed website (linked to your Pay pal account)
  • Easy online registration for your participants (linked to your Pay pal account)
  • Advice to ensure efficient business services

How do I become a SOCACIZE Licensed Member?
When you attend your SOCACIZE Instructor Training Workshop, you’ll have the opportunity to sign up as a SOCACIZE Licensee immediately. You can also join by logging in to your instructor account
at and clicking “Join the SOCACIZE Licensee Program.”

How do I find a SOCACIZE Licensee workshop in my area?
You will find all currently scheduled SOCACIZE Training Workshops posted in our Instructor Training Section on our web-site - Click on Find Now or log into your instructor or licensee account.  If you do not find any instructor Training Workshops scheduled in your area, please keep checking as we update our website regularly.
My facility wants to host a Socacize Instructor Training Workshop, how do I do this?
Ask the potential host to visit the “Support” section of to contact and inform us about the workshop.  We will respond within 24 hours. 
If I sign up for a workshop and cannot attend, can I transfer my registration to another workshop?

Yes.  You can transfer your fees toward another workshop. There will be an administrative fee of $25.00 for each transfer. Transfer credits are good for up to one year.
What happens after I have signed up for a workshop?

After submitting your registration, you will receive an e-mail confirming that the registration is complete.  Afterwards, there will be a follow up e-mail with details about the training including location, parking etc.
What should I bring or wear to the workshop?
Bring a towel, workout pants and, good supportive shoes - cross-trainers or dance-specific sneakers, a healthy snack, lunch and water. A note pad and pen will be provided.
May I videotape or take pictures at the workshop?
Video or DVD motion pictures are not allowed.

How do I update my instructor profile?
Keeping your profile up to date is extremely important! You can update your profile by logging in to your instructor account at and clicking User Profile.

Sharing SOCACIZE Licensee tools
The SOCACIZE  Licensee policy specifically states that the  membership is strictly for the SOCACIZE Instructor.  Sharing or duplication is strictly prohibited. 
One exclusive benefit of being a SOCACIZE Licensed member is receiving choreography and music sets in the mail. SOCACIZE music and choreography is protected by international copyright laws. 
How do I cancel my SOCACIZE Licensee Membership?
We would be very sorry to hear that you would no longer wish to be a part of the SOCACIZE Licensee Program.  Feedback is always important to us and helping you is our priority.
Early Cancellation
The SOCACIZE Licensee Membership has a 3-month minimum requirement. If the membership is cancelled prior to completing its minimum, a $15 early termination fee will be charged for each remaining month. SOCACIZE Fitness, INC reserves the right to immediately terminate any account for non-payment.
To request cancellation of your SOCACIZE licensee, log into your account at, click on “Contact SOCACIZE Office,” select the topic “SOCACIZE Licensee Program”, then sub-topic “Cancel my License” and click submit. Once you have submitted the request, you will receive an e-mail with further instructions.
Refund Policy
Full refund is allowed within 14 days of receipt of your application.  After 14 days a 50% cancellation fee applies. Cancellations must be submitted in writing.  Prices are in Canadian currency.