Socacize Fitness Presents the FLAUNT Lifestyle Challenge - A 60 day make-over to your appearance, health, fitness and mindset. We’re all in the same boat – let’s work hand-in-hand to ensure that this is a prolific program!  

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Starts Sat June 8th – Sun July 28th | Register by Sun June 2nd




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Program Outline:

  • *8 Intense 2HR Boot-camp Jam sessions at 2811 Weston Road (mandatory)
  • Unlimited access to Keep Moving classes
  • Nutritional guidance and meal plans provided by our certified nutritionist, Diane Walker
  • Exclusive workshop on a F.L.A.U.N.T acronym (tbd) 
  • *Body Paint Photoshoot – Get comfortable in your skin!
  • *Meal Prep Service
  • Weekly weigh ins and pre & post full body measurements 
  • A booklet to record and track progress

1st Place winner of the highest percentage in body weight loss - Spa package ($200 Value)

2nd Place winner in most inches lost – Yorkdale Gift Card ($100 Value)

3rd Place winner with best attitude – Best Buy Gift Card ($100 Value)

All winners receive a ticket to F.L.A.U.N.T Boatride

How the winners are chosen:

1. Percentage of weight lost – Whether you have 10 or 100 pounds to lose we want to make sure the playing field is fair for everyone of all sizes to have a chance to be the Flaunt Lifestyle Challenge winner. To do this we not only look at how much weight you lost, we look at the percentage of weight you lost from start to finish. Our goal is for everyone to lose at least 10 pounds.

2.  Body Transformation – Participants receive a full initial and final assessment measuring body weight, body fat, full body measurements, strength and endurance tests to measure your physical fitness as well as before and after pictures. Each week you will weigh in before Boot-camp jam to keep you accountable and motivated. An accountability system will also be set up using a social media platform to keep in touch with other participants.

3. Your Story – Why did you choose to sign up for this challenge? What kept you motivated? What barriers did you face and how did you overcome them? How do you FLAUNT it? This is just as important as your physical transformation. At the end of your 60 days you can submit a brief written note or video sharing how you flaunt your success. #flauntlifestylechallenge, #howdoyouflaunt

Cost: $99.99 

Keep Moving Revelers $49.99 (email to register)

Register in person at 2811 Weston Road | Online | Email

*Additional cost. All price plus applicable tax. Terms and conditions apply.